Working with the wind industry to identify common challenges and opportunities, the Jack-up optimisation report identified ways to improve repair times, reduce repair cost and address risk while improving the offshore wind sector performance.

Additionally, the report suggested that costs can be reduced with increased collaboration between wind farm owners around chartering jack-up vessels.

The report also recommends a flexible charter club, where owners can pre-plan for vessel sharing without involving full-time shared vessel.

The Crown Estate Offshore Wind head Huub den Rooijen said: "We have been a major player in the development of the offshore wind industry for over 10 years and seen significant growth in that time to the point where there are now economies of scale to be found in the effective use of jack-up vessels.

"This report is part of our strategy to encourage the industry to work together where appropriate to help bring down costs."

The recommended collaboration is expected to minimize lost production revenue by £52m-£110m per year across operational UK’s offshore wind farms.