Dubbed TD1000 and TD2000, the new sensors provide power usage data, which can be compared with AMI/AMR smart meter readings to immediately pinpoint illegal or unauthorized power usage and put the electric utilities back in control.

With an exceptional accuracy of up to 0.2%, the sensors feature both single and three phase monitoring, customizable KWh monitoring, unsolicited messaging and alerts, and safeguard both utilities and their consumers from significant negative financial impact.

IUS Technologies CEO Sang Lee said, ”Not only will this sensor immediately impact current loss prevention strategies as an easy to implement tool, but it will heavily impact future financial returns with a massive savings in loss prevention year over year.”

Both TD1000 and 2000 sensors report True-RMS voltage and current values, frequency, active/reactive/apparent power, power factor, THD/TDD values, as well as phasor measurements, which assists in distribution automation, Volt/VAR optimization, and theft detection.

The energy theft across the US power grid is estimated to result in over $6b in losses per year.