The Israel’s cabinet has approved a plan that aims to indentify simple and quick processes for construction of solar power installations.

The plan provide guidelines for building photovoltaic facilities in the country, with specific focus on roof-top installations that would avoid harm to open spaces, the environment and its scenic vistas.

The plan also allows for detailed plans for the construction of photo-voltaic units on areas of up to 75 hectares. It also allows for PV installations oon agricultural land in the Be’er Sheva district, near the Gaza Strip and on the Golan Heights.

The plan will be valid for five years from the date of its approval.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is a technology-rich country, including in solar technology.

"And the paradox is that when we try to join our technology with the sun, we cannot make progress due to our bureaucracy. Today’s decision simplifies this bureaucracy so that we will be able to enjoy our relative advantage, without harming the environment," Netanyahu said.