Millions of customers use our online photo processing services to share, store and print their digital images, generating massive amounts of user-generated content, stated Graham Hobson, chief technology officer, Photobox. With continuously increasing user demand, we not only need highly scalable storage, but storage optimized to reduce footprint and operating costs, while still maximizing utilization. By deploying Isilon IQ and Ocarina ECOsystem, we’ve reduced our data by 30%, saving us 45% on our storage-related capital expenditures and $300,000 in power and cooling expenses. The investment paid for itself in the first six months.

The Ocarina ECOsystem offers content-aware compression and the deduplication for complete Isilon product line, but is particularly optimized for new 36NL. In combination with the 36NL that features new utilization rates and scalability up to 3.45 petabytes (PB) in single files system, Ocarina ECOsystem delivers 20% enhancement in system efficiency and up to 10-to-1 data reduction over traditional network attached storage (NAS) systems usimg conventional deduplication techniques. By offering unprecedented storage utilization and the data reduction rates, the new solution allows enterprise businesses in such industries as bioinformatics and the Web 2.0 to optimize their file-based data storage for the maximum efficiency and minimal cost, further reducing operational and the capital expenditures while accelerating performance of mission-critical applications.

With capital and operational expenditures top-of-mind across the enterprise, deploying storage solutions that drive business value through greater efficiency and lower environmental costs is critical to advancing the bottom line, stated Ram Appalaraju, vice president of marketing, Isilon. By combining Ocarina’s innovative compression and dedupe solution with our new 36NL, we are enabling customers to derive maximum value from their nearline archive storage and improve operational efficiency for their file-based applications.

In today’s challenging economic environment, traditional storage utilization rates of 50% are simply unacceptable, stated Dave Withers, vice president of strategic markets and business development, Ocarina. The integration of our leading content-aware storage optimization and data reduction solution with Isilon’s new 36NL — and its superior utilization rates — eliminates inefficient and costly file-based data storage as a barrier to innovation and growth.

Isilon Systems, Inc. is a US based provider of scale-out NAS systems.

Ocarina Networks is a US based provider of content-aware compression and dedupe for online storage.