All companies/cooperatives interested in the above project are invited to receive prequalification documents for work execution ability as follows:

1. Scope of service and works
The construction of the Rudbar Loresstan dam and hydro power plant with the following brief features:

• The dam is of the roller compacted concrete (RCC) gravity type and is approximately 158m high. The dam body volume contains about 1,100,000m3 of RCC concrete material.

• The hydro power plant consists of two units of 225MW installed capacity, which are of vertical Francis type (total installed capacity of 450MW), together with a 400kV substation, and the relating conveyance water tunnels.

2. Qualified tenderers
All the companies/cooperatives having similar experiences in construction of large dams and hydro power plants together with possibilities of providing finance for the project are recognised as qualified tenderers.

3. Project location
Approximately 100km to Aligodarz in Loresstan Province.

4. Bidding documents
A complete set of bidding documents – in English – may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a non refundable fee of Rials 400,000 between 17 June 2006 up to 24 June 2006 (Khordad 27th 1385 up to Tir 3th 1385 (payable to the current account No.22817817 – Motahari Branch with Tejarat Bank of Iran).

Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company reserves the right to accept/reject any proposal in whole or partly at its sole discretion.

Qualified contractors are invited to express their willing by picking up a contractor’s questionnaire from the following address: No. 98, Motahari Ave, Tehran, Iran. Tel : 0098 21 88403613