Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) and AES have inaugurated a new energy storage array facility at the Harding Street Generation Station, in Harding St, Indianapolis.

The new IPL Advancion Energy Storage Array Facility is the first grid-scale battery-based energy storage system to have an impact on 15-state Midcontinent Independent System Operation (MISO) region which offers affordable and reliable power to customers.

The facility offers 20MW of interconnected energy storage, equivalent to 40MW of flexible resource.

It allows to reduce emissions with efficient utilisation of generating assets and will support ongoing integration of renewable power sources.

AES energy storage president John Zahurancik said: “Advancion 4, our fourth generation solution, was developed to meet the needs of utilities like IPL who are looking for innovative and proven solutions.

“With nearly a decade of energy storage experience and more than 3 million megawatt hours of delivered service across the installed base, Advancion will deliver value immediately and for many years to come.”

IPL claims that its Advancion energy storage was recently recognised with the 2016 International Edison Award for its contribution to growth and integration of clean energy worldwide.

Apart from this, IPL and AES were present at the White House Summit where regulators invited energy company leaders and energy developers to discuss about renewable energy and energy storage.

IPL plans to pursue a balanced energy portfolio which includes natural gas, wind and solar along with battery storage systems.

Image: IPL and AES officials at the opening of IPL Advancion Energy Storage Array. Photo: Courtesy of BusinessWire.