Deadline for acceptance of reviews of the technical paper is 10 January and IPCC is understood to be planning to issue the report in the near future. The review process has been organised on a national basis via governments.

The technical paper is to be finalised by the lead authors in consultation with IPCC which functions as an editorial board.

It was agreed at the IPCC’s 21st Session, held in Vienna just over four years ago that a technical paper was to be prepared. One previous draft has been reviewed and the final draft was issued after taking feedback into account.

Later this month, on 21-25 January, the IPCC plans to hold a scoping meeting on renewable energy in Lubeck, Germany. The meeting has been set up as a result of the proposal at the 25th Session, almost two years ago in Mauritius, to develop a special report on the sector.

Issues expected to be discussed at the meeting include a contextual briefing on renewables in energy and climate change risk mitigation, policies, financing, integration, costs, capacity building, and technology transfer.

In addition, there will be some focus on particular renewables, such as hydropower, in terms of technical, socio-economic and environmental matters.