Intwine Connect, a developer of internet connected smart-grid products, has created the Intwine Energy business unit to deliver an integrated family of internet connected energy management products.

The first available in the family of devices are the Intwine Energy, WiFi connected thermostats which integrate into the MyIntwine Personal Energy Network a consumer controlled, internet connected ecosystem of home energy management devices.

The company claims that the WiFi connected thermostats feature security and reliability and are compatible with any heating or cooling system. The LCD touch-screen also functions as in-home display for other internet connected devices and receives alerts/alarms for the user.

Scheduling options include ‘set and forget’ control or real-time control, from nearly any device like a netbook, iPad or smart phone.

Intwine Energy said that its first two thermostats, the IECT-210 and the IECT-220, enable two-way communication between a user and the HVAC system to remotely monitor and control energy usage driving major reductions in energy usage.

The thermostats allow users to access the thermostat from any internet connection and the thermostat can access pricing updates and messages from utility providers, the company said.

The IECT-210 can control up to two stages of heat and two stages of cool and is programmable up to four independent periods per day, seven days a week. The IECT-220 supports up to three stages of heat, two stages of cool, multi-stage heat pumps, humidifier, de-humidifier and external air baffles.

It offers on-screen alerts to remind customers when consumables, such as air filters, humidifier pads and UV bulbs, should be checked or changed to help keep the system running efficiently. The IECT-220 has a menu driven programming, which is programmable up to seven periods per day, seven days a week.

David Martin, CEO of Intwine Energy, said: “Beginning with our thermostat, the consumer now has the opportunity to monitor and control their own personal energy usage.

”As more Intwine Energy products come available such as whole house power monitor and smart load controllers for pool pumps and appliances, a consumer will have a complete, affordable solution to remotely and securely manage their personal energy usage.”