This is the 14th well to be completed as an oil producer in the country and the fourth in the fault block in 2013.

Costs were comparatively low as Goldpetrol used its own ZJ 450 rig for drilling the well, while Interra’s share was backed by its existing funds.

As an infill development well to the oil producing CHK 1166 and CHK 1170 wells, CHK 1171 was drilled to a total depth of 3,200ft to maximize flow from reservoirs that produce in the fault block.

Production test took four days to complete through casing perforations over 11 reservoirs at 125 barrels of oil per day.

The company will later test several prospective shallower reservoirs in the well or by a shallow offset well.

Interra owns 60% interest in the improved petroleum recovery contract of the Chauk field and also owns 60% of Goldpetrol, which operates the field.