Inter Hydro Technology Ltd (Inter Hydro) has been asked by the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) to conduct feasibility study for potential small scale hydro-electric power sites close to villages within the Lake District. Inter Hydro will produce the initial report findings by the middle of May 2009. Up to 50 locations, close to villages or smaller residential developments, are to be identified where they have potential to generate electricity.

With its “significant water resources” the Lake District has a history of using hydro power for traditional industries such as mills. Now with increasing energy costs, and with national and local directives to address climate change, it’s hoped there will be increasing interest from land owners and local communities to develop hydro systems.

“Information from this study should enable communities to assess whether hydro power is a feasible option for their circumstances. It should also increase interest in the whole issue of power generation throughout the national park,” LDNPA Policy Planner Carissa Lough said.

When potential sites have been identified they will be assessed on the basis of maximum power output; average annual power output; costs and potential revenue; potential to save on carbon emissions.

“An increase in small scale hydro power will enable the Lake District National Park to contribute to regional and national renewable energy generation targets. And it will also contribute to a ‘low-carbon Lake District’ and our aims for reducing carbon emissions,” Carissa added.