The main goal of this work is to study the feasibility of potential projects in the region, whose average annual hydro potential has been estimated at 25BkWh. Currently, only 9.5BkWh, or around 38% is utilised.

According to Tatyana Markanova, head of the long-term planning department of Institute Hydroproject, power needs in the North Caucasus is currently around 21BkWh but by 2030 this is likely to increase to 37BkWh.

A significant part of the undeveloped hydropower resources in the region is concentrated in the basins of the rivers Terek, Kuban, Sulak, and Samur. Institute Hydroproject has prepared hydropower schemes for the Terek river basin, and this year schemes for the rivers Kuban, Sulak, and Samur are to be designed.

Next year, the company will map the most promising hydro projects in the regions through the use of GIS and 3D visualization, with the results used by RusHydro Group for future investments in new hydropower.