The firm has implemented Intergraph solutions, including SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) as its information management system, SmartPlant 3D and SmartMarine 3D, SmartPlant Instrumentation, SmartPlant P&ID, and SmartPlant Electrical.

The Ichthys LNG project is a joint venture between Inpex, France’s Total, and other Japanese companies including Tokyo Gas. The project is expected to produce 8.4 million tonnes of LNG and 1.6 million tonnes of LPG per annum.

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine president Gerhard Sallinger said, "The Ichthys LNG Project is a prime example of world-class projects in Australia attracting strong investment in the region, driving continued growth locally."

Ichthys LNG Project operations director Conor Walker stated, "Intergraph technology combined with our drive towards consolidating our handover documentation in the Intergraph environment is fundamental to delivering our vision of an integrated information management system with a single point of access."

"We anticipate an expanded role for Intergraph tools as the project progresses into the operating phase, leveraging from the increasing volume of data held in the engineering data warehouse, which has been built on the SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators platform," Walker added.