The company is collaborating with large family offices, infrastructure, pension funds, private wealth investors and other strategic financial partners for the deployment of about $10bn in solar farms currently under development in the US.

It also noted that private wealth investors, risk tolerant family offices and funds would especially want to invest in early stage solar farm development investments, as they can bring in twice as much or three times the returns derived through a period between 12 and 36 months under SPVs.

The return on investment in solar farm markets for those who want to invest in bridge financing activities and construction financing activities ranging between $50m to $200m for individual projects across the US, as per the company.

With over 200 solar projects totaling more than 10GW, Innovative Solar Systems claims to currently hold the largest pipeline projects in the US.

For the completion of these projects, the amount required can range between as little as $30m for quick and relatively low risk with twice as much returns and as large as $10bn of investment in the construction,yielding between 10-20% returns.

Recently, the company announced its plans to sell its utility scale solar farms of about 1GW. These projects range between 20MW to 80MW.

It has also entered into power purchase agreements for 25 years for about 720MW solar farms in the Mid-West region.