Innovative Solar Systems (ISS) has closed a joint venture deal with VIVO Power that totals 37 solar farms or 1.8GW's and spans several important states in the US.

The JV is worth Billions of dollars and this is just the first of many joint ventures to occur between the two companies. Innovative Solar Systems is ranked as the #1 US Developer of Solar Farms in the US and currently has a revolving yearly pipeline of over 10GW's per year.

The company is quickly selling off the remainder of their 2017/2018 projects but still has some crown jewel projects ready for immediate purchase by interested buyers and investors. ISS will only form relationships with new client buyers if the buyer is able to purchase minimum blocks of 300MW's or more of their Solar Farm projects.

In fact, Innovative will be closing down the new client list soon as the company is almost at max. Capacity for new clients.

Investors have come to know ISS as the gold standard for Solar Farm projects in the US for the following reasons; 1) ISS handles it all from early stage project development through construction and COD, 2) ISS negotiates and secures better rate/term PPA's for their projects, 3) Lower EPC Build Out Costs, 4) Higher Returns for the reasons mentioned above.

With Solar PV Panel prices dipping into the low 20 cent/watt range the company is getting investors unheard of returns on their Utility Scale Solar Farm projects and things will just get better, however, if an investor is not partnered up with a large scale developer of Solar Farms like ISS they will be left out in the cold as few other companies in the US are willing to develop, design, build and sell projects to others.

ISS is a rare company and large funds, family office money and foreign entities that wish to gain large market share in US Solar have come to love ISS.

Innovative Solar Systems is at an inflection point and typically only works with clients that wish to be involved from project inception all the way through COD. Project development and construction is a detailed process on these Utility Scale Solar Farms and ISS now works with some of the largest and most sophisticated Billion Dollar investors in the World.

Most new clients to ISS have all shared this same fact quoted ISS's CEO recently, "We looked at every Developer of Solar Farms in the US and in the end the decision was simple – ISS is the only truly sophisticated developer of large scale Solar Farms in the US." These comments are echoed repeatedly to ISS as they form relationships with new clients on large blocks of projects here in the US.

ISS is truly the only real player when it comes to Solar Farm development and deployment here in the US. ISS has the oldest and best track record in the business.