As BCR 450 produces no electromagnetic radiation, it is suitable for applications sensitive against electromagnetic interference (EMI), such as lighting in transportation vehicles including buses, ships, trains and aircrafts, as well as medical applications with communication bus systems. In addition to general lighting systems, BCR 450 also is ideal for applications in architectural and accent lighting, advertising, strobe lights for emergency vehicles, hazard lights and road safety lights.

Technical details on LED driver BCR 450: benchmark in price-performance ratio:

The application circuit with BCR 450 has low component count and is free of inductors, capacitors and free-wheeling diode resulting in a very small PCB space requirement. This includes the elimination of electrolytic capacitors which limit the lifetime of switch-mode driver solutions. Since there is no need for capacitors with BCR 450, the lifetime of the LED system can be extended. Regarding long life operation of LED lighting sources, Infineon recognized the strong demands for thermal management and implemented an effective thermal shut down feature and over-voltage as well as over-current protection into the device.

In large parts of the illumination market and especially in architectural lighting a homogenous light output in the whole LED chain of light sources is crucial. The human eye is very sensitive towards shifts in light color. The BCR 450 with its output current precision varying only +/-10 percent over the entire operating temperature range strongly supports the homogenous light output requirement for LED lighting fixtures.

“Currently the biggest obstacle for penetration of LED’s in the lighting market is the high system price. As Infineon separated the power stage from the intelligent IC, the cost of the BCR 450 LED driver could be optimized. The BCR 450 clearly outperforms current LED driver solutions in terms of price-performance ratio,” said Michael Mauer, senior director, Discrete Semiconductors at Infineon Technologies. “With our commitment to energy efficiency, we have developed an innovative product that maximizes performance and lifetime of LED lighting systems while reducing board space, design complexity and system costs.”

Availability, package and pricing:

The volume production of the new BCR 450 LED driver IC has already started. It is available in a small 6-pin SC74 package. In quantities of 50,000 units, pricing for the BCR 450 ranges between about EUR0.25 and EUR0.30 per unit.

Infineon offers a comprehensive range of LED driver solutions characterized by robustness and cost-effectiveness, meeting the evolving and expanding requirements of lighting applications.

Infineon Technologies is a Germany-based semiconductor company.