The summit is expected to address important issues faced by the oil refining industry including petrochemical integration, management of wastewaster and gas to liquid technology.

Geneva Services has opened the registration the Technology Summit 2013, which includes a two day conference and post conference workshops on the next day.

Geneva Services CEO Tariq Mohsin said that the agency is excited about the level of enthusiasm it has received from the industry, its distinguished advisors, speakers and partners for the global initiative.

"We look forward to bringing together the leaders in refining and petrochemical industry for a substantial discussion on real-world technological solutions to key challenges facing the industry today," Mohsin added.

The main topics of presentation and discussion for the Technology summit include up-gradation of refinery operations with challenges and methods as well as potential FCC modifications to increase capacity and improve product yield.

Other topics of the conference include drivers for pushing the horizons for Polymer Producers, latest updates on catalysts, polypropylenes, ethylene, aromatics, alternative feedstock’s and highlights on ‘Carbon Emission Reduction Strategies’.