Indonesia Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry renewable energy director general Dadan Kusdiana said the government is considering generating additional capacity form biogas and biomass resource, reports The Jakarta Post.

Dadan was quoted by the publication as saying: "That figure [1,000 to 1,200 MW] is the target for a five-year period. For this year, I’m targeting 100 to 200 MW, which is very difficult to achieve.

The government requires an investment of $3.7bn to develop the biogas and biomass power plants to generate 1,200MW of power, Dadan added.

"All parties, including banks, remain reluctant to support bioenergy development. However, a recent regulation concerning feed-in tariffs for power produced from bioenergy resources will make this sector more attractive."

Currently, Indonesia’s power plants total capacity fueled by bioenergy resources has reached 1,716.5MW and the total electrical capacity stands at 51,981MW.

Power produced by a biomass facility is priced at a minimum of Rp 1,150 per kilowatt hour (kWh) and is based on the location and its connection to electricity firm PLN’s transmission grid, according to the regulation.