The high pressure test and inspections were conducted on the transmission line that connects the field’s natural gas processing plant and the interstate pipeline. The testing process was concluded this week and recommended mechanical adjustments highlighted during the inspection process.

The company said that these steps were critical in moving the company towards production on three natural gas wells recently completed within the New Albany shale of the Illinois basin. The pump systems installed on these gas wells and on the horizontal oil well in this same field have also completed initial testing and are standing by to await the final clearance for production by the utilities regulatory commission and interstate pipeline.

Steve Durdin, president and CEO of Indigo-Energy, said: “This latest round of accomplishments represents our final steps towards consistent, quality production from this remarkable project. Our team in the field has done an outstanding job of ensuring operating excellence and compliance at each step along the way. In the immediate future, this should be very good news for Indigo and its shareholders and I have every confidence that, once production begins, these measured steps we have taken along the way will give us a great advantage in the field.”

Indigo-Energy is engaged in the drilling, development, production and acquisition of oil and gas reserves located in different geological regions around the US.