Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has released tenders for 1.225GW comprising 200MW in Karnataka, 750MW in Andhra Pradesh and 275MW in Uttar Pradesh.

The tenders have been notified under the National Solar Mission of Phase II and Batch IV scheme.

In Andhra Pradesh, the 750MW solar projects will be distributed across three 250MW projects at the Kadapa Solar Park, located near the Galiveedu Mandal of the Kadapa District. Each of the 250MW projects will be further divided into five sub-projects of 50MW each.

The 200MW project in Karnataka will include four sub-projects of 50MW each. The plants will be located in the Pavagada Solar Park, in Pavagada town in Tumkur District in Karnataka.

The 275MW project in Uttar Pradesh is aimed at powering 100% of Varanasi with renewable energy. These grid connected solar plants will be installed under the National Solar Mission Phase-II, Batch-IV, Tranche XIII.

The project will include six different plants and will be located in Kanpur Dehat and Jalaun districts in the state.

Kanpur Dehat will be home to Gujrai project with capacity of 50MW, while the remaining five projects, including Parasan with 75MW capacity, Gurhah with 75MW, Banghauli with 20MW, Makreccha with 25MW and Tikar (I&II) with 30MW will be located in Jalaun district.

SECI is expected to sign 25-year power purchase agreements with selected bidders and the power generated from the plants will be sold to the respective electric utilities in the states.