Unit 2 at Taiwan’s Guosheng NPP was disconnected shortly after it was restarted on 16 May following a month of maintenance. Operator Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) said it is analysing the cause of the malfunction. Some 35 minutes after restarting, the generator’s circuit breaker was tripped and the safety system was triggered. The cause is still unclear, according to Taipower.

The crew manually shut down the generator and the reactor immediately afterward. The incident did not damage the reactor, and there was no radiation leak, Taipower said. Annual maintenance of the reactor started on 12 April, and the Atomic Energy Council approved the company’s request to restart it. It had just reached 16% of its capacity when it was shut down. Taipower spokesperson Lin Te-fu said the generator might have been automatically disconnected because the system was connected to ground, as the system received a signal indicating a grounding. "We are looking into where the generator is connected to ground. After that, we have to inspect whether the generator is damaged and replace damaged parts. We are not sure when the investigation will be completed and when the reactor can be reactivated again," Lin said.