European technical services provider Imtech has secured a contract valued at more than EUR400m ($585.8m) to increase the energy-efficiency of 800 buildings in Germany.

The objectives of the project are to significantly increase the energy-efficiency of these buildings, achieve a large-scale reduction in emissions, and cut their operational costs.

At present, the 800 buildings totalling more than 1.7 million square meters of property throughout Germany consume about 170,000MWh per year for heating and cooling, and 85,000MWh for electricity.

The thermal power outputs in the buildings, distributed by around 700 boiler plants, range from a few kilowatts to a maximum of 9,000kW.

Under the contract, Imtech will take the total responsibility for the optimum supply, maintenance and management of the complete energy-related infrastructure in every building.

Extra energy measures will be implemented, including energy savings and CO2-neutral energy supply by co-generation (combined heat and power) technology and solar energy.

The company will optimize the energy performance by integrating the entire energy process in every operational system and process.

The buildings are mainly used by a German logistic firm, and the energy-efficiency contract runs for a period of 15 and a half years, starting from July 2011.