US-based Exelon’s energy delivery company Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) announced that the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has approved fast installation of smart meters for ComEd’s customers.

ICC approved the smart meter installation project as part of the Illinois state’s efforts to get the Smart Grid program back on track.

ComEd can start installation of smart meters to customers in September 2013 and will continue through 2021.

Commonwealth Edison Company president and CEO Anne Pramaggiore said the quick approval from ICC will accelerate smart meter deployment and benefit customers by saving energy and money.

"We are ramping up quickly to be ready to start smart meter deployment in September, including buying the new meters, training our employees, and increasing customer education and outreach," Pramaggiore added.

"This effort will bring additional jobs to Illinois and boost our state’s economy."

Smart meters provide real time data about electricity consumption and allow better control of energy use.

ComEd is investing in a modern grid to reduce power outages and provide customers with more choice and control over their energy use.