International Incorporated (IHDR) has sold two 30kW Energy Commander (EC) low impact hydro units to Kingswell Financial for a purchase price of US$60,000.

The units are to be delivered within 180 days under the contract terms, which includes pre-payment of one third of the purchase price on immediate terms. Both units are contracted for primary purchase by Kingswell Financial of Maryland, US, for use in residential developments in Ghana under limited use terms.

Each unit, although sold, will carry an IHDR mandatory repurchase right on a steep sliding scale over time. The units will carry limited warranties for replacement parts and the normal satellite transmission systems for operation to IHDR. Other unit purchase announcements for similar circumstances are expected as the final production phase development is completed.

The current EC system set for delivery utilises a dual cycle 12 cylinder rotary system for a low volume water flow, to produce energy using positive displacement inside of cylinders, instead of traditional turbines.