The transmission line was taken out of service for three days after the fire burned about 40 of the company’s electricity poles.

Idaho Power area manager Jim Bell said, "The bases of many poles weren’t too badly burned, but when the wall of flames came through they didn’t stand a chance."

At the time the Hagerman-Hailey transmission line was out of service, an additional line that also serves Hailey supplied the required electricity to entire Wood River Valley.

"It was five hours after the fire passed before our crews were allowed access to even assess damage. After that we were able to get materials on site and begin the repair work. We had to work in daylight to safely complete the work, and it took a full 72 hours to finish and get it back in service," Bell added.

Idaho Power and a community advisory committee are proposing a second backup line between Hailey and Ketchum in order to supply electricity to North Valley in case of a similar disaster.

Bell said, "The drainages where the fire burned through and destroyed the wooden ‘H-frame’ poles all look similar to the existing line between Hailey and Ketchum."