The mine presently has the capacity to produce 5.3 million tonnes of coal per year but it produces 4 million tonnes per year.

Last year, the Indian company bought the mine after Rio Tinto sold it due to the infrastructure challenges it faced.

The expansion is however dependent on the rail infrastructure development as Mozambique’s rail system has capacity to handle only six million tonnes of coal per year.

Reuters cited ICVL Mozambique director Nirmal Chandra Jha as saying:"We hope that in five years, the infrastructure will also improve. That’s a big hope."

Of the 13 million tonnes targeted, ICVL aims to produce around 4.5 million tonnes of coking coal to be used for the production of steel.

India is focusing on Mozambique as a potential source of coal because it is located in the western rim of the Indian Ocean which can be utilised to fuel its industrialization.