The technology will be included in all new suburban EMUs manufactured for other railway zones also.

The ICF factory has already supplied 39 EMU rakes out of the 177 nine-car rakes ordered by Mumbai Rail Vikas Nigam Limited and all the rakes will have power-saving technology.

Mumbai Rail Vikas Nigam Limited had already started the process for claiming carbon credits from the United Nations, a senior official said.

The use of renewable energy is likely to generate revenue to the tune of Rs 2.5 crore from the trading of carbon emission reduction, as per the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, a senior ICF official, said.

These nine-car rakes belong to a new-generation technology that lays stress on reduction of emissions. The electrical energy requirement of these trains is 35% less than that of the old- generation trains because they regenerate energy during applicatin of brakes. This means that 35% of trains are running without drawing power, ICF General Manager M S Jayanth, said.

After the entire lot of rakes is put into operation, savings to the railways is expected to be Rs 90 crore each year, plus Rs 12 crore each year on account of encashment of carbon credits, Jayanth added.