Ice Energy, a provider of smart grid-enabled, distributed energy storage solutions to the electric utility industry, has partnered with Carrier Corp to develop and deliver an integrated hybrid cooling and energy storage solution for commercial customers.

The solution pairs Carrier commercial packaged HVAC systems with Ice Energy’s distributed thermal energy storage technology for small to mid-sized commercial buildings.

Selected Carrier WeatherMaker and WeatherMaster rooftop models ranging from 4-20 tons, will be shipped Ice-Ready from the Carrier factory for integration and optimal performance with Ice Energy’s Ice Bear energy storage systems.

The Ice Bear system will store energy at night by freezing water in an insulated storage tank.

During the day, it works with the Ice-Ready Carrier air conditioning units to dispatch the stored energy by circulating chilled refrigerant from the tank to the Carrier units, reducing the amount of electricity required on peak.

Carrier is a provider of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.