Iberdrola has started up the new combined cycle power plant in Escombreras, Spain, which will be able to generate 5,700 million kWh annually.

The new combined cycle plant, the ninth built by Iberdrola in Spain since its 2002-2006 strategic plan came into force, was started up on schedule after successfully passing all prior tests.

At full power, the Escombreras combined cycle plant will be able to generate about 5,700 million kWh per annum, contributing to the Murcia region’s energy self-sufficiency and to improving the supply quality offered by the company in this area.

The building of the new plant meant the dismantling of the old oil-fired 1, 2 and 3 groups, which were located on the same site and generated 280MW of power, and maintaining operational group 4 and 5, which generated 554MW.

The Escombreras plant is configured two by one – two gas turbines and one steam turbine – all supplied by General Electric. The gas turbines, model 9FB, will achieve an overall performance of about 58%.