With the acquisition of ScottishPower in April 2007, Iberdrola’s generation capacity surpassed 42,700MW in the year. Power plants in Spain account for 27,600MW of the firm’s total capacity.

Iberdrola’s gas-fired combined cycle plants turned out 51.15 billion kWh in the full year, an increase of 39.4%, and accounted for 41.4% of total group electricity production. Renewables output grew by 69.2% in the year to 13.31 billion kWh, and represented 10.8% of the total.

Power produced in Iberdrola nuclear plants came to 22.22 billion kWh or 18% of the total, while hydroelectric plants generated 15.88 billion kWh or 12.9% of the total.

Thermal plants produced 16.64 billion kWh or 13.5% of the total, and co-generation plants represented 3.97 billion kWh or 3.2% of the total. Fuel oil is the source of only 0.2% (297 million kWh) of the group’s total electricity production.

Iberdrola stated that capacity in Spain was expanded by 6.2% last year, rising from 25,977MW to 27,594MW. In the UK, the group’s generation capacity stood at 6,418MW, while in Latin America it reached 5,554MW, and in the US it came to 3,189MW.