Of the total, 5,771 million kWh were generated by the company’s wind farms, which continued to form the core of its business in this quarter, accounting for 95.5% of the generation mix. Of the total, 2,962 million kWh was generated in the US, 2,171 million kWh in Spain, 417 million kWh in the rest of Europe and South America, and 221 million kWh in the UK.

Iberdrola said that the largest increases in wind farm output between April and June were registered in the US, with 31.7% (+713 million kWh vs the second quarter of 2009); the rest of Europe and South America, with 20.2% (+70 million kWh), and Spain, with 5.3% (+110 million kWh).

Meanwhile, the output of small-scale hydroelectric plants – all of which are located in Spain – stood at 259 million kWh in the quarter, with other technologies, such as biomass or solar thermal, contributing a further 16 million kWh.

In the first half of 2010, the company generated 12,858 million kWh, up 21.5%, with significant contributions from Spanish (5,699 million kWh, up 22.3%) and US (5,051 million kWh, an increase of 26.9%) wind farms. Small-scale hydroelectric plant output advanced 38.6% between January and June to 465 million kWh.