El Candal wind farm, with an installed capacity of 38MW, will be located between the municipalities of Castropol and Boal.

The company’s subsidiary, Iberdrola Ingenieria, will be responsible for both the construction and commissioning stages.

The facility will use the technology by Gamesa, and a total of 19 G80 model wind turbines are going to be installed, standing 67 meters high and with an 80m rotor diameter.

The work now being started by Iberdrola follows the purchase of two wind power initiatives from various companies in Asturias last summer.

The two initiatives include El Candal and the Segregal wind farms, with a combined capacity of 76MW.

The two facilities are scheduled for commissioning next year, as they are part of the pre-allocated renewable energy facilities approved by the Government for completion before 31 December 2012.