The 3,500m2 system employs 864 IBC PolySol 235 DS modules and 12 Sunny Tripower 17000TL inverters to generate around 300,000 kilowatts per hour of solar power per year at a nominal capacity of approximately 200 kilowatt peak.

Electricity generated by the plant will meet the power needs of 160 homes in the region and offset 215 tons of CO2 emissions.

IBC SOLAR delivered the project under an engineering, procurement and construction contract with Meram Elektrik Dagitim, the Turkey based power distribution company.

IBC SOLAR Turkey General Manager Hayri Bali said the company found that Konya has the ideal preconditions for the PV power plant, following detailed investigations.

"The average solar irradiation measured here is enormous compared to other regions," says Bali.

Construction of the solar plant began in May 2012.