IADB said that hydropower as a whole was expected to increase its share of the energy generation portfolio from 10% to 15% over the next 10 years.

In a speech yesterday, in Tel Aviv, that addressed business opportunities in sustainable energy, IADB president Luis Alberto Moreno noted the growing interest in small hydropower. He emphasised the attention paid to the relatively low upfront costs, environmental impacts and negative social consequences in comparison to larger projects.

Moreno said that energy demand in Latin America and the Caribbean was expected to increase by 75% by 2030. Over the next 10 years the region would need to increase its installed generating capacity by 50%, he added. Moreno said further that the higher demand would require an estimated extra US$1,600B of investment.

At the event, other renewable energies that were discussed includes solar, wind and biomass.

Last month, the Brazilian Dams Committee (CBDB) and partners held a symposium on small and medium-sized hydro which reviewed a number of challenges and opportunities, including particular needs of layout design knowledge as well as carbon credits.

For further information on key aspects of the symposium, read the May issue of IWP&DC.