The easy-to-install charging station for private driveways or garages always supplies the electric car with power when it is parked at home. Homeowners with a solar energy system can thus make use of the solar power generated on their own roof for their own needs. The electric car thus becomes an important part of the energy transition at home.

To show how convenient innovative energy management can be for private individuals, RWE is presenting the new easyOptimize control box. Customers with solar PV systems can thus charge their e-car automatically when the sun is shining. The easyOptimize box communicates with the RWE eBox smart charging station, and ensures that primarily solar power is fed into the electric car. Customers can also specify the exact time when the car should be finished charging. And at night, the solar power is still available to the car provided the energy-efficient house is fitted with an RWE solar battery storage device. As part of the RWE’s Smart-E research project in Mülheim, ten households are currently testing this energy management strategy in everyday practice.

For companies, the focus is also on optimised charging of electric car fleets. RWE Effizienz easily resolves any load peaks in the company’s power network via an intelligent charging management system. This technology has already been successfully used at several locations, by DAIMLER AG among others. Companies with many charging points – fleet operators, for example – thus determine who can charge, when, where and with what power. The specific charging strategy can be adapted depending on the situation. Weather forecasts can thus be taken into account, as well as binding targets for charging end times or total load curves.

The use of self-generated energy is also an important charging strategy for companies. So, for example, ALDI SÜD uses RWE charging technology for electric vehicles at around 50 sites. Germany’s leading discounter generates solar power on the roof of each retail outlet and provides it to customers in the car park free of charge.

RWE Effizienz is a leading provider and operator of charging infrastructure, and to date, it has already built more than 10,000 charging points for consumers, businesses and the public sector. 4,400 charging points are connected throughout Europe via a uniform IT system.

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