Hydrotec Renewables is planning to invest in nine mini-hydropower projects in the Philippines that could generate 28MW of power.

The company has nine pending applications for renewable energy service contracts, according to the data released by the Department of Energy (DoE).

These applications will allow the energy firm to pursue the feasibility study for the proposed hydropower projects.

In Isabela’s municipality, Ramon, the company is looking at the possibility of setting up the 7.39MW Baligatan 3 hydropower facility.

Hydrotec Renewables also has plans to set up the 1.08MW Nangka 4 River and the 2.59MW Marikina 4 River mini-hydropower projects in Marikina, reported inquirer.net.

In addition, the firm is eyeing six mini-hydropower projects in three areas in Rizal – the 2.24MW Hinulugang River and 1.85MW Nangka 1 River hydropower plants, the 1.89MW Marikina 1 River, 6.87MW Marikina Upper 2 River and 1.85MW Montalban 2 River hydropower projects, and the 2.46MW Marikina 3 River power facility.

Hydro resources now generate 3,400MW of power and the DoE targets to increase the generation capacity from hydropower facilities by another 5,358.30MW by 2030.

A total of 304 potential projects, which were proposed before the government by various developers and government agencies, will require a total investment of PHP654.98bn ($15.64bn).