The project includes a five-year AOM 4000 service contract in which Vestas guarantees a defined level of availability and performance as well as a SCADA system for data-driven monitoring and preventive maintenance. Vestas will supply the turbines and supervise the installation and commissioning of the wind park.

In 2011, Vestas installed one of Vietnam’s first commercial wind parks on the Phu Quy island, and is pleased to support Vietnam in reaping its abundant wind resources, which are among the richest in Southeast Asia. Vestas will set up a local service team in Vietnam to service the Phu Lac wind park and further support the development of wind energy in Vietnam.

"Wind power is an independent, competitive, and clean energy source that helps Vietnam to meet its growing electricity demand", said Chris Beaufait, President of Vestas Asia Pacific and China, "and we have the ambition to closely support the future development of the wind power sector in this market".

"The Phu Lac wind park will be an important milestone in Vietnam’s nascent wind energy sector and we’re confident that Hydrochina’s quality EPC service and Vestas’ strong track record in emerging markets will ensure the success of the Phu Lac wind park", said Dr. Chen Guanfu, President of HydroChina International.

Mr. Thinh Bui Van, CEO of EVN TBW, the project owner, said "I have confidence in Vestas and HydroChina to complete the Phu Lac wind farm successfully so that it may serve as a best practice example in the market".

The order reinforces the global strategic partnership embodied in the collaboration agreement Vestas and HydroChina signed in May 2015.