A provider of commodity risk management software has named Hydro Tasmania, EOG Resources and Neas Energy as winners of its 2015 Customer Innovation Awards.

Allegro Customer Innovation Awards were created in 2014 to recognise customers with a commitment to excellence and innovation, and who have achieved quantifiable benefits through the use of industry best practices and used the Allegro 8 platform for commodity risk management.

“The Innovation Awards recognise customers who have applied creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and innovation to their use of the Allegro 8 Platform to successfully transform their businesses," says Frank Brienzi, CEO for Allegro. "The customers selected were recognised for their ability to innovate and produce greater returns in dynamic markets with increasing transaction volumes, complex pricing, intricate deal types, and in some cases, sub-hourly trading intervals."

Australia’s largest water manager, Hydro Tasmania is also the country’s leading renewable energy company and trades electricity and energy-related environmental products in the Australian market. The company implemented Allegro’s commodity management system which was customised for the Australian market to meet its specific requirements. The key benefits Hydro Tasmania achieved were the consolidation of all the data sources into one, and process improvements to manage market exposures and contract position across wholesale and retail operations.