Hydro-Quebec International (HQI) has signed an agreement covering hydro power generation and transmission, with Venezuelan electric utility EDELCA (Electrificacion Del Caroni). The contract will include C$500,000 (US$347,000) for the maintenance of transmission lines and a C$1.5M (US$1.04M) contract for the rehabilitation of ten 700MW generating units at the Guri hydro complex.

The aim of the agreement is to develop business relations in rehabilitation, engineering, project management, human resources and quality, organisation, and telecommunications. The contracts were signed as restructuring of Venezuela’s electricity system continues.

EDELCA is a Venezuelan-owned utility. The company is responsible for 70% of the country’s electricity generation and for the principal (800kV) transmission system in the country.

Hydro-Quebec International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro-Quebec, a Canadian provincially owned utility.