The Canadian company proposes to supply the large volumes of hydroelectricity over a major new or expanded interconnection into New York from Québec. 

It will also partner with the US developers in the design of the transmission infrastructure required in New York and build the corresponding transmission facilities which are needed in Québec.

Hydro-Québec's proposals are expected to help New York State in achieving its climate change targets. The state has target to supply 50% of its energy needs from renewable resources by 2030.

The clean electricity generated by Hydro-Québec will be distributed to the state using its existing transmission lines. 

Hydro-Québec intends to supply additional hydroelectric power to the tune of 700GWh per year in New York, through a transmission infrastructure enhancement project. 

This June, the US state announced its plans to accept bids for renewable energy projects to the tune of 1TWh per year or more.

Hydro-Québec president and CEO Éric Martel said: “New York is at the vanguard of clean energy policy initiatives and is set to significantly cut GHG emissions over the next decade.

“As North America's largest supplier of clean energy and a decades-long regional partner, we can offer the reliability, flexibility and strength of our hydropower system in developing solutions to meet New York's clean energy goals.”

In July, Hydro-Québec submitted six proposals to supply clean energy to Massachusetts. The proposal included three new transmission lines. 

Image: Electric power transmission with overhead line. Photo courtesy of Guam~commonswiki/Wikipedia.