The infrastructure renewal magazine published its Top 100 Projects 2011 Report earlier this month, ranked by dollar value, which showsthat Canadian infrastructure spending is alive and well, with $96,096,400,000 being spent in 20 categories. According to the report there is a trend in spending towards hydroelectric and transportation projects, with the top ten – representing over a third of spending on the list ($36B) – featuring five Transportation/Transit projects, four hydroelectric/renewable energy projects, and one hospital expansion.

“Infrastructure is a leading indicator of economic growth, and this country is doing well in terms of large-scale projects,” said Mira Shenker, Editor, ReNew Canada. “For four years, the Top 100 has been a barometre for spending and this year, the projects total over $96 billion, up from $68 billion in 2010. While 46% of all buildings on the list are new builds, the rest are renewals and expansions, an indication that a fair amount is being done to address this country’s aging assets.”

The top ten projects this year are:

• Romaine Complex, Quebec – $6.5B (# 1 in 2010 as well)

• Lower Churchill hydro project, Central Labrador – $6.2B (NEW)

• Eastmain-1-A/Sarcelle/Rupert Project, Quebec – $5B (# 2 in 2010)

• Eglinton Crosstown, LRT, Ontario – $4.6B (NEW)

• Turcot Interchange, Quebec – $3B (# 10 in 2010)

• Spadina Subway Extension, Ontario – $2.63B (# 3 in 2010)

• Lower Mattagami Hydroelectric Complex, Ontario – $2.6B (NEW)

• CHUM (Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal) Redevelopment, Quebec – $2.5B (NEW)

• Port Mann/Highway 1 Project, British Columbia – $2.46B

• Ottawa LRT, Ontario – $2.1B (NEW)

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