The decrease in power generation was mainly due to the deterioration of the global economy as a result of the international financial crisis. Power demand in the domestic market declined, thereby leading to a negative growth in the company’s power generation.

Reacting proactively to the adverse impact on power generation caused by the current economic situation, the company had strengthened its marketing efforts and formulated effective strategic measures. In the first quarter of 2009, seven power plants of the company recorded positive growth in power generation compared with the power generation in the year-ago quarter, including Hebei Shangan power plant, Zhejiang Yuhuan power plant, Henan Qinbei power plant, Jiangsu Nanjing power plant, Jiangsu Taicang power plant, Shanghai Combined-cycle Power Plant and Jiangsu Jinling Combined-cycle power plant.

For the first quarter of 2009, the power generation of Tuas Power Ltd. amounted to 2.077 billion kWh, down 15.32%, compared with the power generation in the year-ago quarter.