Environmental compliance and information management software provider Locus Technologies has announced that the Hovensa refinery in St Croix in the US Virgin Islands has selected its Environmental Information Management system to streamline management of environmental sampling and remedial operations data at the refinery.

According to the company, Hovensa is a joint venture between subsidiaries of the Hess and Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). Hovensa operates its facilities on 2,000 acres on the south shore of St Croix and receives and processes crude oil from around the world.

After reviewing options to manage its environmental data, Hovensa has opted for the Environmental Information Management (EIM) system to meet its requirements, which include a single data repository accessible by all its vendors, regardless of location, said the company.

Locus said that EIM’s cloud computing platform was deemed as a good system to provide the access desired and the robust data management features to address both sampling and operations data.

Neno Duplancic, president of Locus, said: “Using EIM’s flexible interface, Hovensa can streamline sample planning and data validation using mainland contractors and labs and produce automated reports of operations status all from the same system.”