The company is expecting to use Intergraph’s complementary solutions to strengthen its abilities and quickly respond to outages, maintain service levels, and manage its workforce better.

Intergraph SG&I Canada vice president Rob Patten said fully integrated IT systems help reduce costs by providing easy information exchange and access to critical data.

"Increased mobile and web-focused enhancements will support Horizon Utilities’ move to more efficient workflows, enabling quick responses to customer demands," Patten added.

The flexible InService solution helps manage a variety of job types and redefines field service with a single application that helps operators geospatially handle outages, perform trouble analysis, and switch operations.

InService solution also supports mobile workforce management features, such as dispatch and mobile computing solutions and discards the need for multiple systems and access points.

It provides both engineering and operational support functions along with decision support functions, G/Technology provides an environment that reduces the cost of designing, operating and maintaining the assets that deliver utility and communications services to customers.