ENAP has begun using Honeywell UOP's HYT-6219 Unity hydrotreating catalyst and the Unity hydrocracking catalysts to produce cleaner-burning diesel fuel at the Bío Bío refinery.

The refinery uses Honeywell’s HYT-6219 catalyst which can pretreat the petroleum feed used to make diesel fuel by removing sulfur, nitrogen and aromatics.

Honeywell said that the hydrotreating process will help in production of cleaner-burning gasoline and diesel in compliance with stringent global fuel regulations such as the Euro V standard.

The firm also provided HC-130 and HC-120 Unity hydrocracking catalysts for the refinery for production process.

Honeywell UOP refining catalysts product line senior business director Mike Cleveland said: "ENAP chose the Unity catalysts for hydrotreating and hydroprocessing based on their superior economics.

"The catalysts meet all of ENAP's demanding performance requirements of less than 5 parts per million of sulfur and longer catalyst life."

Honeywell said: “Hydrotreating is a critical step in the refining process where hydrogen and a proprietary catalyst are used to pretreat petroleum and other products by removing contaminants before conversion into transportation fuels.”