As part of the program, CPS Energy will use automated demand response (ADR) technology and services from Honeywell to connect and collaborate with both commercial and industrial customers, and adjust their electricity consumption when the demand for energy peaks.

The program builds on a successful pilot project completed by the companies last year, which included nine commercial and industrial facilities, and helped trim their demand by approximately 1.5MW.

The companies will look to enroll 60 additional sites, bringing the potential reduction to nearly 6MW, enough electricity to meet the typical load of over 2,200 homes.

CPS Energy Corporate Development and Planning vice president David Jungman said the commercial demand response program will help both the company save energy for the electrical grid, and local companies reduce their energy use and ultimately improve their bottom line.

"We think ADR is another valuable resource to conserve energy and ensure the reliability of the state grid," Jungman added.

Specifically, Honeywell will identify and enroll customers, audit their buildings to identify curtailment opportunities, and also work to customize and implement changes that trim energy use, with out impacting core business functions.

In addition, the company will provide its Akuacom Demand Response Automation Server, software as a service (SaaS) that enables CPS to send signals to building automation systems at sites enrolled in the program, triggering the short-term load-shedding measures the customer select, such as heating and cooling adjustments, and subtle changes in lighting.