The company will replace parts of the 12 pump-turbine units and associated equipment to extend the life of the Lewiston Pump Generating Plant and enhance its performance.

The modernization program consists of replacing the turbine runners, as well as a design and test of a pump turbine model runner.

The field upgrade will begin in late 2012 under a schedule providing for the overhaul of a turbine generator unit every eight to nine months, with the final unit completed in 2020.

The phase-in schedule provides for 11 of the 12 Lewiston’s units to be available for operation during the program.

In addition to extending the life of the pump generating plant, the refurbishment will lead to greater efficiencies, allowing the plant to generate additional power with the same amount of water, HPSA said.

HPSA is a supplier of equipment and services for the power generation market, including thermal, nuclear and hydroelectric facilities.