Under the contract worth €188.3m, Hindustan Construction will be responsible for carrying out civil works and hydro-mechanical works including penstock steel liner of the run-of-the river scheme project, which features four 111MW units.

The company will construct concrete gravity dam (65m high), coffer dam, de-silting chamber, head race tunnel (13.4km long, 8.8m dia), surge shaft, pressure shaft, underground power house and cavern, surge tank, tail race tunnel and hydro mechanical works at the plant on Alaknanda river in Chamoli District.

The company will also excavate around 12.5km head race tunnel using tunnel boring machine and expects to complete the entire project within 54 months.

The project is aimed at increasing the supply of electricity to India’s national grid through the addition of renewable, low-carbon energy; and strengthening the institutional capacity of the borrower with respect to the preparation and implementation of hydropower projects.

The project will be comprised of two components with the first component being construction of the project; and the second is support to capacity-building and institutional strengthening at the developer THDC India.