The biennial event is being held on 7-9 June 2006 in Crieff, Scotland, UK, and is the latest in the series of European conferences covering topical issues in the small hydro power sector.

Hidroenergia 2006 will address the issues hydro power faces in its important role as a sustainable and renewable energy resource. The conference has three main focuses: new opportunities, new solutions and new image.

Papers (written in English) will be considered under the following topics:

Policy and new opportunities:

• Global resource assessment and policy.

• The European Water Framework Directive – what is it and what does it mean for hydro power. How can the industry work within WFD?

• Implementation of the RES – Electricity Directive and the role of hydro power as the backbone of renewable energy.

• Power Purchase Agreements and trading mechanisms/regulations.

• Financing – public and private funds.

• New markets in developing countries.

• Community hydro schemes.

• Exporting and how to develop an export strategy.

Engineering solutions:

• Mechanical engineering.

• Electrical engineering.

• Civil engineering.

• Research and development (efficiency improvements etc.)

• Grid systems, the benefits of small storage schemes and integration with other energy forms.

• Multi-purpose schemes

Environment & planning:

• Global warming and the importance of hydro power considering local environmental risk.

• Licensing and consents – procedures and how to obtain them

• Residual flows and protecting the aquatic environment.

• Local risk assessment in context with global benefits.

• Environmental engineering – fish-friendly turbines, fish screening techniques etc.

• Case studies on environmental integration – how much does it cost and what are the gains?

Image of hydro:

• The public, media and governmental perception of hydro promoting reality and combating mis-information.

• Educating future generations about the benefits of hydro.

• Aesthetics of hydro – hide it or shout about it.

• Comparing small hydro power with other renewables.

• Sustainability guidelines, environmental certification and other tools for improving public image.

Special emphasis will be given to papers incorporating success stories and focussing on innovations. The conference will include plenary, oral and poster presentations.

Potential presenters are invited to submit a 500 word extract no later than 15 December 2005 together with their contact details (name, address, email, phone, fax) to ESHA by email: or fax: +32 3 546 1947. An international committee will referee all papers.

Sponsorship opportunities for Hidroenergia 2006 are also available. Please contact BHA on email: or tel: +44 (0) 1202 886 622.

Registration and booking details are not available yet, but are to be released in a future bulletin.

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