Ecotricity Group Limited (Ecotricity) and H+H UK (H+H) have come together for generating 2 megawatt (MW) wind energy. The energy generated will be used to power the entire needs of H+H's Yorkshire production site. The wind energy will feed power directly into the factory at Pollington, with excess power being fed into the local grid for use by local homes.

“This would offset hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and repay our energy debt in no more than the first nine months of its 30-year expected lifespan,” said H+H Managing Director Mark Oliver, referring to the energy used for the manufacture and installation of the wind turbine itself. “It represents the equivalent of providing enough energy for nearly 1,500 homes, which is a fantastic achievement for the industry.”

“In these days of unarguable climate change, with the country in the grip of an energy crisis and government policy pushing for more than 20% of our electricity from renewables, projects like this are essential if we’re to keep the lights on in the future. Britain has already found its New North Sea oil, with enough untapped energy to power the whole country three or four times over! It’s onshore wind energy.”

H+H is a manufacturer of Aircrete products.