Heritage College, will receive $124100 in financial assistance from the Quebec government to carry out the work needed to increase the energy efficiency of its facilities.

Heritage College will use this assistance to optimize the building controls across its facilities, modernize the humidification and air-preheating functions of the fresh-air supply system, optimize domestic water heating and add a new energy efficient boiler.

The project, which is expected to cost nearly $900 000, is anticipated to enable Heritage College to increase the energy efficiency of its buildings by 28% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 110 tonnes.

The college has secured this financial assistance under the Quebec Energy Strategy launched in 2006 to increase building energy performance in the higher education sector by 14% by 2010-2011, over that of 2002-2003.

The government plans to invest $20m per year in asset maintenance with a sum of $2m per year for colleges through support for projects of this kind in the education and health systems between now and 2016.

Quebec minister of education, recreation and sports, Line Beauchamp said that this financial assistance will result in significant energy savings for the College and make its facilities more comfortable for the hundreds of people who use them every day.